Tullio (Vocals, Guitar)

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If you’re looking for someone who pays attention to detail, Tullio’s your guy! His ear for instruments and vocals is almost scary at times, but it shows in every piece of music he touches! There just ain’t enough o’s in smoooooooth for his playing… or personality. Tullio belongs on the stage and it shows from the very first note. Strangely enough, he can sing like a bird too and his strong vocals are the reason the other players butter him up to front a few extra tunes!

Active in music since he was a teenager, Tullio’s talents were first recognized as the lead guitarist and backup vocalist for the Ottawa act Avalon, which successfully showcased in Toronto (with Kim Mitchell in the audience for a bit of added pressure) and secured a Canadian record deal on the spot. After running its course, Avalon became defunct and Tullio moved on to other high profile, Ottawa-based bands in which he also doubled on lead vocals, including Bombay and Karisma (of which two members continued on to form 8 Seconds).

As his experience suggests, Tullio has some of the best ‘road’ stories going. For example, his first appearance on stage in the role of guitarist and lead vocalist took place at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa – really, think about it! Yep – outta hand…. Tullio, Tullio, Tullio… Hearing about his adventures may provide some insight as to why he spends more quality time with his guitars than his dogs, but there’s still a certain obsession he has for cell phones that defies all rational explanation! Therapy continues…

Gear: Gibson Les Paul (20th Anniversary), Steve Mash Custom, Yamaha Acoustic,Marshall, Roland, Boss