Tony (Vocals, Bass, Keys)

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Tony (a.k.a. Bone) is what you’d call a’frequency extremist’. His rich bass tone anchors the lower end of the band’s sound, while his upper vocal range has caused more than one frenzied stampede of Tullio’s dogs. Coming from very vocal-oriented groups such as No Vegas and Rub Salt, Tony’s sharpened ability to pick apart complex harmonies (and teach!) is clearly evident in the wall of vocals that dominate the group’s live performance.

His bass playing prowess would be best described as solid and innovative, sometimes integrating rhythm guitar melodies and phrasings within the bass lines. It’s rumoured that there’s a small nuclear power source required to run his bass rig, so uranium is probably the secret behind his polished sound. When you hear a little extra musical flare than you’d expect from a three piece band, or some slick, unexpected hook in the music, it’s probably safe to bet that this is the dude behind it!

In addition to his musical contributions to The Edge,Tony is also a Yoda when it comes to the technical side of music. Having his own instrument repair business for many years has exposed him to just about every musical whatchamacallit that’s come off a manufacturer’s assembly line. If there’s any gear in the band that isn’t cooperating, Tony’s the fellow that tweaks it into shape(even Tullio’s bad-assed guitars and sacred pedal collection…)

Gear: David Eden Cabinets,Road Runner Head, BBE Sonic Maximizer