Ed (Vocals, Drums)

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If there’s such a thing as as a Jolly Gym for adults, you can find it on stage with The Edge – behind the big, black drum kit. There’s no room for taps and touches when there’s a sweat to be worked up while spanking the skins under the lights! And from the security of the back line, he’s free to put the players out front on the spot. Sounds like a good way to spend any night, and besides, what are friends for?!?!

Ed’s dynamic playing and visual style is the result of years of playing with professional rock bands from various parts of Ontario. His first serious band was based out of Sudbury and turned into a full-time
venture that toured both Canadian and U.S. circuits for a year and a half before disbanding. After returning home to Kingston, he played in several other groups in the Kingston/Toronto corridor before relocating to Ottawa to take on the role of drummer and vocalist in bands such as Mere Image, Buzzillion, Aced, and Josie Wails.

As the third voice of The Edge, Ed completes the vocal arrangement by covering the lower registers of the band’s lead and harmonies vocals. Behind the scenes, he acts as the band’s contact point for bookings and business matters, as well as all necessary telephone calls at 3:00 a.m. for no good reason. The fact that he believes music is the cure for sleep might be the reason he’s determined to not let the other guys get any… this way lemmings!!!

Gear: Ludwig Super Classics, Tama Imperial Star, Tama Super Star, Yamaha DTXress Electronic, Pearl, Zildjian, Sabian, Gibraltar, DW