What happens when you take three stage-savvy musicians/vocalists and unleash them under the lights for a night of rock ‘n’ rollin’ entertainment? You might get a little wild, you might get up and dance, and you just might get a tad thirsty in the process. We hope you might even get lucky… but, you’ll definitely get a party… on The Edge!

Based out of the nation’s capital of Ottawa, The Edge has been entertaining crowds around the region since 2002. The trio’s wall of rich vocals and sound is the basis of their professionalism and appeal – one of many distinguishing traits noted by audiences of all ages.

Add in some charisma, a lot of high-energy antics, a repertoire of songs chosen specifically for the party crowds, and you end up with reckoning force having one purpose in mind; to provide the best music and atmosphere for anyone who dares to go free-range for a night of “shaking their wild thang”…

With the benefit of the members’ collective musical background and professional experience, The Edge prides itself on its ability to read a crowd and enjoys involving the audience whenever possible ( sometimes without warning… 🙂 )

And the results speak for themselves! No hype or greasy kid’s stuff here – just 100% seasoned pros with a mission to have a blast with a few thousand party animals. When you need your next adrenaline boost, get your fix by hanging out near The Edge!